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Financial & Non-Financial Services

The changing economic and market environment affects all asset classes and relationships between them. This market environment is ideal for the multi-dimensional approach of Global Tactical Asset Allocation (GTAA).

GTAA has one of the longest track records of any invesment practice, spanning more than 300 years and combining the Classic Principles of diversification and portfolio construction with modern financial instruments.

A few important points should be noted regarding the structure of services to families:


This covers all aspects of asset management, transmission of assets, mediation and preservation of assets, together with administrative and financial management.

  • Tax planning
  • Account management
  • Financial planning
  • Specialized professions: insurance, property administration, trust
  • Corporate finance: acquisition and transfer of companies, intellectual property.

A succession strategy is established on this basis to prepare the transmission of Family Capital.


  • Organisation of private life, schools – universities, property, art works, lifestyle – Family Charter; – Kids / Education
  • Organisation of Philantropic activities with special advice
  • Management & Control
  • Logistics and convenience
  • Image, reputation, secrecy, family values
  • Extraordinary risk
  • Convenience services
  • Transfer of residence
  • Travel and tourism
  • New green energies; new technologies
  • Escrow service - intermediation

To be defined – Special investment programmes based on the desired financial performance – Annual or bi-annual reporting / compliance monitoring based on the development of the different elements of the service.

The Family Office is an extension of wealth management.It is not a new practice, but involves the ALL-INCLUSIVE SUPPORT of the client and his entire family.

P2a’s expertise and experience in mediation can contribute to the prevention or resolution of family conflict.

This may result in the drafting of a Family Charter which can include the following considerations:

  • Hopes and desires of the family
  • Procedures
  • Governance

It is imperative that this document be put into effect while the patriarch is alive and of sound mind. (compos mentis)

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